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Do you want to support a refugee woman and employ her in your home? If so, please fill in our search form. We will get back to you soon.

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Show your commitment: This was our motto when we started our pilot project for Care Forward in Berlin. With Care Forward we want to support refugee women find meaningful work and help ease their integration in Germany.

Now we are presenting Care Forward to the public to help inspire people and encourage them to reflect. Because that is exactly what Care Forward did with us. Although we were hopeful that we were doing the right thing, time and again we were confronted with our own prejudices. However, through our everyday work with refugee women, we were able to question these prejudices and overcome them.

Would I hire a refugee to work in my own home? Would I have her take care of my children? Should your answer to these questions be ignorance or some kind of excuse, then we would like to debunk  them.

We want our campaign “engagiert engagieren” to inspire people to question their own views and clear up unjustified stereotypes. And we get very specific and personal. Prejudices often come from misjudgement. In the end, it’s not about someone’s home country or their religious beliefs, it’s about making the best decision and giving the proper candidate a chance.

Care Forward emphasizes that having a job and financial independence are the most important pillars of integration. Therefore, the most defining visual component of our campaign is a job advertisement in which we present refugee women as potential household help and babysitters. Honest and authentic. At the same time, we tell the moving stories behind the women in an open and genuine way. We talk about the hopes that keep them going, the hope of finding their place in this country and finding a meaningful job.

We understand the campaign as food for thought, as a reminder that civic commitment to the successful integration of refugees can have a good outcome and that people can profit from it. Embrace our motto by becoming actively committed!


Do you have any questions about Care Forward? Do you offer jobs or apprenticeships for (female) refugees? Would you like to recommend one of our career guidance classes to a refugee? Or would you simply like to support Care Forward? If so, please contact us:

Email:                info@care-forward.de
Phone:              +49 30 293638-96

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