Facts about refugees in Germany

Our economy needs more people

Over the last few years, Europe has seen an increased number of refugees from the Middle East, especially in Germany. The number of asylum seekers peaked at more than 1.2 million applicants in 2015 and 2016. So now it’s time to give them a new home and help them to financial independence by finding work. The last point is central to our future together: In the long term, those who have a regular job are more willing to integrate into a society.

But getting to that point is not always easy, which is why some parts of society have their reservations. However, the wave of refugees has its advantages for our ageing society and the increasing lack of workers in many economic sectors. Statistics show that Germany already needs an additional 400,000 workers annually in order to sustain the current number of employed people, and this number continues to grow. What does that mean? The high number of refugees is beneficial to Germany for economic reasons alone and an enrichment for our country. Many experts see this influx of immigrants having a positive effect on the gross domestic product.

The following graph shows these facts and more regarding refugees in Germany.